In the Business Bribery Risk Index Georgia ranks 25 in the world

In the Business Bribery Risk Index Georgia ranks 25 in the world

According to Trace International’s Bribery Risk Matrix, Georgia ranks 25 among 200 countries of the world. The international rating is calculated specially for businesses and investors and it involved four criteria:

  1. Business Interactions with the Government
  2. Anti-bribery Laws and Enforcement
  3. Government and Civil Service Transparency
  4. Capacity for Civil Society Oversight

Georgia’s best result are in Business Interactions with the Government criterion and with this regard the risks are ranked 16. According to the rating, the lower is the ranking, the lower is the business risk. Trace International states that the regulations’ barrier is quite low in Georgia. Bribery risks are also quite low.

Risks related to Anti-bribery Laws and Enforcement also have quite low rating – 17.

In the criterion of government and civil society transparency, Georgia’s rating is 31. The country’s worst rating is in civil society monitoring criterion – 32.

Georgia’s total ranking is 23. It is notable that compared to previous years, Georgia’s rating has lowered, however, in the criteria used for risk assessment the country’s position has advanced. For comparison: in 2016, in this rating Georgia held 13th position with 28 points, while in 214 the country ranked 11 with 27 points.

For the rating, Trace International uses data from the World Bank, World Economic Forum, World Justice Project and other organizations.

The best position in the rating is held by Sweden, where corruption risks are rated only 5. Georgia’s neighboring Azerbaijan is in the 112th position, Armenia – 83rd and Russia – 144th.

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