Income Of Cell Phone Operators Increasing

Income Of Cell Phone Operators Increasing

In the first quarter of the year, cell phone operators, operating in Georgia generated total income of 110.9 mln GEL (without VAT and excise). According to the Georgian National Communications Commission, retail income generated in January-March by cell phone operator from cell phone services was 9.3 mln GEL more than within the same period last year.

Incomes of three months of the year by cell phone companies is as follows:

Magti – 52 092 903 GEL

Geocel – 40 498 381 GEL

Beeline – 18 098 156 GEL

Silknet – 206 961 GEL

G-mobile – 36815 GEL 

In Georgia there are 4,924,690 cell phone users. Number of users by companies is as follows: 

Magti – 1,986,150

Geocel – 1,807,974

Beeline – 1,113,359

Silknet – 16,028

G-mobile – 1,179 

Compared to the last year, incomes of Magti increased by 4.8 mln GEL; of Geocel – by 3.1 mln GEL and of Beeline – by 1.4 mln GEL.

დატოვე კომენტარი

დაამატე კომენტარი

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