Income of Internet Providers Increasing

Income of Internet Providers Increasing

In Q1 2018, internet providers operating in Georgia generated 45.6 mln GEL of income in total. According to the Georgia National Communications Commission, compared to the same period of last year, retain incomes of the companies increased by 2.4 mln GEL.

By companies, incomes generated by the companies through internet services is distributed as follows: 

Silknet – 19.9 mln GEL

Magticom – 23.8 mln GEL

Akhali Kselebi – 1.7 mln GEL 

In Georgia, there are 645,104 internet subscribers. By companies, subscribers are distributed as follows:

Silknet – 278,559

Magticom – 316,143

Akhali Kselebi – 34,483

CGC – 15,919 

Compared to the same period last year, number of internet subscribers increased by 81 738.

The biggest number of internet subscribers are registered in Tbilisi – 342 057 physical persons and 23 189 legal entities.

In Adjara, 56641 internet subscribers are physical persons and 2830 – legal entities.

In Imereti, 75987 subscribers are physical persons and 3076 are legal entities. In Kvemo Kartli – 61414 are physical persons and 1643 – legal entities. The least subscribers by regions are registered in Racha-Lechkhumi and Kvemo Svaneti – 807 physical persons and 150 legal entities.

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