International accreditation of MediClubGeorgia according to JCI system

International accreditation of MediClubGeorgia according to JCI system

Group of auditors of JCI , which is of one of the most competent organization of accreditation of medical institutions visited Medical Center MediClubGeorgia on April 24-27 from the USA for evaluation of relevance of clinic MediClubGeorgia with international standards, which has been actively preparing for accreditation since 2012.

JCI accreditation is reviewed as a gold standard in global healthcare. There are about 955 medical institutions in the world that are accredited by Joint Commission International, which is an affiliate and international branch of accreditation organization The Joint Commission , which is the most recognized and the biggest (20 500 medical institution and program in the USA) accreditation organization. JCI ensures implementation of mission of The Joint Commission via international accreditation, consultation, publications and educational programs on the global level and helps international organizations that work in the field of healthcare, healthcare agencies, ministries, interested medical institutions in evaluation of medical service quality and improvement of patient safety in 90 countries of the world. JCI accreditation of the clinic is reviewed as the best means for demonstration of medical service quality and development of medical tourism.

3-member team of JCI auditors will assess full spectrum of activities carried out by the clinic at medical center MediClubGeorgia in the following field: patient safety, schemes of health assessment and treatment, management of medicines, prevention and control of infections, surgery and anesthesia services, laboratory and instrumental diagnostic services, nurse care, caring for improvement of medical service, protection of rights of patients and their family members, conducting of medical records and communication, education and qualification of medical personnel, building infrastructure and safe operation, efficiency of clinical management. Medical center MediClubGeorgia has successfully undergone the audit and an international accreditation was awarded to it and it has become 995th medical institution in the world. MediClubGeorgia is the first clinic in Georgia that fully meets criteria of high international standards of hospital service quality and patient safety.

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