Largest airlines operating in Georgia - TOP 10

Largest airlines operating in Georgia - TOP 10

44 airlines operate in Georgia flying to 60 destinations around the world. In Q1 2018, Georgian airports served total of 839 612 passengers.

With the number of passengers served, Turkish air company Turkish Airlines is leading. Within the accounting period, the company served 101 314 passengers.

Second position is held by Georgian air company Georgian Airwas. In Q1 2018, the company served 93 333 passengers.

Number three is Wizz Air with 73 156 passengers.

Forth position is held by Fly Dubai, with 53 575 passengers served within three months.

Top 5 includes Ukrainian UIA, which served 52 507 passengers.

Sixth position is held by Aeroflot air company, with 37 651 passengers served.

Number seven with 37 553 passengers is Siberia Airlines (S7).

Eighth place belongs to Zagros Airlines with 33 552 passengers served.

Ninth position is held by Pobeda Airlines, which served 31 814 passengers.

Last position of top 10 airlines is held by Pegasus, with 13 814 passengers served within the three-month period.

As to destinations, leading position is held by Istanbul. Within the period of three months 142 578 passengers flew to Istanbul. Second position is held by Moscow with 125 595 passengers. Airlines flew 92 190 passengers to Tehran. Kiev is destination number four with 79 190 passengers and last in top 5 is Dubai with 53 103 passengers.

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