Last year, number of hotels increased by 37%

Last year, number of hotels increased by 37%

In 2016, in Georgia, 1415 economic entities functioned in hotel business. These entities owned 1496 hotels of different type. According to the data provided by Statistics Service, 99,5% of operating hotels are owned by private entities and only 0,5% are state-owned.

Total number of beds in all types of hotels operating in 2016 made 61,4 thousand. Total number of rooms was – 28,4 thousand, 10,0% of which were suites, 12,9% – single rooms, 57,8% – double rooms and 19,3% – rooms with three and more rooms.

All types of hotels operating in Georgia within the accounting period served 2539,8 thousand guests, which is 37,0% more than similar value of the previous year. 65,8% of hotel guests were visiting Georgia from foreign countries and 34,2% were from Georgia.

Most frequent guests of Georgian hotels were visitors coming from Russia (13,8%). Among the visitors coming from EU member states, the biggest number was from Poland (21,1%) and Germany (18,1%). As to the rest of the visitors, most of them were from Turkey (24,0%) and Iran (11,8%).

In 2016, compared to the last year, the number of guests in all types of hotels has significantly increased: from Iran – 6,6 times, from Russia – by 71,2%, from Turkey – by 70,0%, from Ukraine – by 41,4%, from Germany – by 27,9%, from Poland – by 21,6%, from USA – by 19,4% and from Armenia – by 11,9%. Visitors from foreign countries stay at Georgian hotels mainly for recreation and tourism purposes – 74,6%, for business and professional purposes – 16,0%, for the purpose of treatment – 1,6% and the rest 7,8% come to Georgia for other purposes.

14,3% of non-resident guests, staying at all types of hotels for recreation and tourism purposes are visitors from Russia, 13,6% – from Turkey, 7,4% – from Ukraine, 6,8% – from Iran, 6,3% – from Israel, 3,6% – from Azerbaijan, 3,6% – from Armenia and 3,2% – from Poland. 

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