Last year the Government sold 15.5 million GEL worth of assets that are intended to be made into hotels

Last year the Government sold 15.5 million GEL worth of assets that are intended to be made into hotels

Within the frameworks of the project “50 Properties for Your Hotel,” last year the government sold 11 properties, with the overall privatization costs coming to 15,587,000 GEL.

According to the data by the Mministry of Economy, investors have to invest over 49.6 million GEL into the 11 locations mentioned above. The property located on Chiladze Street in Tbilisi was the most expensive property sold by the government last year.

The following companies bought properties from the state for the purpose of building hotels:

Property: Real estate and land in ‘Didveli’ in Bakuriani

Buyer: Vertex Ltd.

Privatization cost: 1,706,000 GEL

Investment Value: 2,000,000 GEL

Property: Property located on Chiladze Street N9, Tbilisi

Buyer: Amer Development

Privatization cost: 3,800,000 GEL

Investments Value: 10,000,000 GEL

Property: Borjomi, Libani village

Buyer: Ltd Jandy

Privatization cost: 1,003,000 GEL

Investment value: 8,000,000 GEL

Property: Tskaltubo, sanatorium Iveria

Buyer: Iveria Palace Ltd.

Privatization cost: 500,000 GEL

Investment value: 10,000,000 GEL

Property: Mestia, Seti Square

Buyer: Lela Guledani

Privatization cost: 1,108,500 GEL

Investment value: 3,000,000 GEL

Property: Property in town of Surami

Buyer: Park Ltd.

Privatization cost: 890,000 GEL

Property: Kvareli in the vicinity of Ilia Lake

Buyer: LLC Wine Way 2017

Privatization amount: 152,000 GEL

Investment Value: 5,000,000 GEL 

Property: Property in town of Surami

Graduation: Gia Kupradze

Privatization cost: 7,000 GEL

Investmetn Value: 300,000 GEL

Property: located at Tbilisi International Airport

Buyer: Fujin Silk Property LLC

Privatization cost: 1,851,000 GEL

Investment value: 1,000,000 GEL 

Property: Resort Akhtala

Buyer: Global Vector Georgia Ltd

Privatization Cost: 3,760,000 GEL

Investment value: 13,000,000 GEL 

Property: Property in Tsikhisdziri

Buyer: physical person B. G.

Privatization cost: 810,000 GEL