“Milliner” taxpayers in Georgia

“Milliner” taxpayers in Georgia

In Georgia, only two companies have revenue over billion, while there are more than 7000 companies whose revenues are over million lari. More than 1000 companies pay to the budget over 1 mln GEL.

According to the data provided by the electronic Information System of Tax Administration of the Revenue Service, the number of people, who, in 2016, paid to budget taxes of more than 1 mln GEL, is 1104, while in 2017, their number increased to 1190.

The number of taxpayers, whose joint revenue in 2016, according to annual and revenue tax declaration is more than 1 mln GEL, is 7180 taxpayers.

Joint revenue over 1 bln GEL was registered with only 2 taxpayers.

The identity of the taxpayer is confidential and is not disclosed by the Revenue Service, however, it is known that last year, revenues of NGEO group (presently Georgia Capital and BGO) were over 1 bln GEL – 1.1 bln GEL.

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