Prosperity Index In The World And Georgia

Prosperity Index In The World And Georgia

In the Prosperity Index of the Legatum Institute, Georgia rates 84th among 149 countries. Compared to the last year, Georgia’s position in the ratings hasn’t changed.

The indicators of the ratings are derived from the data of various international research organizations, like Gallup, World Trade Organization, Freedom House and Fragile States Index.

Georgia’s best results in the ratings are in the components of education and state governance, while the lowest are in the field of social capital.

Georgia’s results in different components are:

Quality of the economy – 95th. The criterion measures openness of the economy of the country, macroeconomic indicators, as well as effectiveness of the financial sector.

Business environment – 70th. This criterion measures the business environment, infrastructure, obstacles for innovations and labour force capacities. Compared to last year, Georgia has lost 4 points in the ratings.

State governance – 52nd. The criterion is to measure effective governance, democracy and the rule of law. Compared to last year, Georgia has advanced by 2 positions in this criterion.

Education – 58th. This criterion measures the quality of education, human capital and access to education.

Healthcare – 90th. The criterion measures mental and physical health of the population of Georgia, healthcare infrastructure and preventive care. Last year, in the components of healthcare, Georgia rated 96th.

Safety – 71st. the criterion is to measure national and personal freedom of the population of the country. During the past year, Georgia’s position in this criterion improved by 7 points.

Personal freedom – 87th. This criterion is to measure social tolerance and protection of legal rights.

Social capital – 140th. The criterion covers civil activity in different countries.

Natural environment – 124th. This criterion covers nature protection and hazard prevention measures.

In the ratings, Georgia is ahead of all the other countries of the region. For comparison – Turkey rates 88th, Armenia – 96th, Russia – 101st and Azerbaijan – 106th.

In the Prosperity Index, leading countries are Norway, New Zealand, Finland, Switzerland and Sweden. Top ten countries include Netherlands, Denmark, Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom. 

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