Sectors With Most Foreign Citizens Employed

Sectors With Most Foreign Citizens Employed

According to the survey conducted by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, 9,199 of 96,536 surveyed enterprises had 17,595 foreign citizens employed by the moment of the survey.

Foreign citizens are mainly employed in following economic sectors:

  • Construction – 5,560 employees (31.6% of total foreign citizens employed)
  • Retail and wholesale trade – 4,757 employees (27%)
  • Transportation and storing – 13,866 employees (7.9%)
  • Administrative and supporting services – 1,260 employees (7.2%)
  • Tourism – 1,231 employees (7%).

Relatively equal number of foreign citizens are employed in professional, scientific and technical fields (848/4.8% employees) and processing industry (728/4.1% employees).

Quite small number of foreign citizens are employed in healthcare and social service fields – 466 employees (2.7%), arts, entertainment and recreation – 350 employees (2%) and agriculture, forestry and fish production – 189 employees (1.1%).

On 1st September 2017, total number of foreign citizens employed in Georgia, grew by 17.3%, compared to 1st September 2016, and amounted to 17,330, which makes 2.2% of total employment.

Almost half of foreign citizens employed in Georgia, 48.4% (8,379 employees) is mainly the professional group of directors and top managers (3.6% growth compared to last year).

The above is conditioned by the fact that the main reasons for employment of foreign citizens are as follows: an enterprise has a foreign founder/manager (65.8%) and an enterprise represents a branch of a foreign enterprise (17.3%).

Demand is high for:

Specialists/professionals in the field of physics, mathematics and engineering (1.707 foreign citizens belonging to this professional group are employed, which makes 9.9% of total number of foreign citizens employed in the country and is 160% more than last year);

Workers employed in mining and construction (1,423 employees – 8.2%, which is 38% more than last year);

Manufacturing, construction and transport workers (1.190 employees – 6.9%);

Individual service and security workers (895 employees – 5%, 4 times more than last year);

Specialists of physical and technical sciences (770 employees – 4.4%. which is 29% more than last year);

Managers of production and maintenance departments in retail and wholesale trade (542 employees – 3/1%).

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