The fastest-growing economies in the region

The fastest-growing economies in the region

In Q1 2018, economy grew by 5.2%. According to ISET, Georgia’s economic growth was positively influenced by speeding up GDP growth in the countries of the region.

Within the first three months of the year, Armenia’s economy grew by more than 10%, growth in Russia made 1,3%, in Azerbaijan – 2,3%. The GDP annual growth speed in Q1 in Turkey was 7,4%.

Within the same period, economy of the United States of America grew by 2.2%.

In April, economy in Armenia grew by 7,3%, in Georgia – by 6,5%, in Kazakhstan – by 4,4% and in Russia – by 1,7%.

Within the first 4 months of the year, economic growth in Belarus made 4,8% and in Azerbaijan- 1,2%.

According to the recent data, in May, the inflations rate in Georgia made 2,5%. Inflation rate in the countries of the region within the same period was as follows:

Russia – 2.4% 

Armenia – 1.6%

Belarus – 4.4% 

Azerbaijan – 2%

Kazakhstan – 6.2%

Turkey – 12.2%

Ukraine – 11.7%

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დაამატე კომენტარი

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