The Rise of Video Marketing and What It Means for Businesses

The Rise of Video Marketing and What It Means for Businesses

Many content marketing experts have noted the shift in strategy in recent years. From social media to search engines, the rise of video content has never been more evident. Some declare it as the future of content marketing. 

Insightful research on digital marketing trends from the brilliant team behind Serpwatch highlights the importance of video, saying that by 2021, this particular content form will represent 82% of all internet traffic. What does this mean for your business? 

It does not matter what your company is selling; whether you are in the cosmetics or construction industry, you will be losing big time if you have not included video marketing in your strategy yet.

Slapping an occasional video on your YouTube channel won’t cut it anymore. Social platforms are evolving, and algorithm changes have taken videos into consideration, from Facebook and Snapchat to Instagram and Twitter.

In video marketing, every facet of the internet holds an opportunity that your marketing campaign can take advantage of. The power of video marketing is undeniable. These reasons will tell you why.

Video Marketing Cultivates a Deeper Connection

Marketing nowadays is no longer confined to advertising and selling. The process goes beyond the initial purchase. Video content is really good at this. It tells a story to hold your audience’s attention and form a more lasting connection that transcends what text-based content can offer. The effect is immediate, real, and interactive. 

Simply going live on Facebook can engage thousands of viewers who can also provide their reactions in real time. Influencers on Instagram make use of videos to give tutorials to their followers, creating a bond with them while establishing authority.

Video Marketing Improves Conversion

Today, video marketing means employing innovative tactics that can drive results and convert your target into paying customers, especially if you consider how product videos can increase purchases by a staggering 144%. Internet users look for product-related videos before making their minds up whether to buy something or not. 

On Facebook, you can run a video ad for sales and directly bring your target customers to an optimized landing page where they can buy the product. Reach and engagement is higher with videos. If you can capture your audience’s attention with one video content, you are bound to convert a number of them into buying your product.

Search Engines Favor Videos

Many search engine algorithms, like Google’s, favor sites that can make visitors stay longer, giving off signals that your site can be trusted. The best way to do this is to offer valuable and relevant content. But while text-based content can accomplish this quite well, videos are emerging as the leader in establishing the credibility of your website. 

In fact, you have a better chance of showing up in search engines when you have a video thumbnail in the search results.

Video marketing is just one digital marketing trend that you should watch out for. Learn more in the infographic below and get ready to nail your 2019 digital strategy.

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