TV Companies With The Biggest Volume Of Governmental Advrtisement

TV Companies With The Biggest Volume Of Governmental Advrtisement

This year, budgetary organizations concluded with TV companies contracts worth of 4 653 136,5 GEL. Major part of these contracts – 3 788 721 GEL – are with national and mixed coverage TV companies, the rest – 864 416,5 GEL – are with regional broadcasters.  

According to the survey conducted by Media Development Fund, the highest value contract – 2 449 383,4 GEL – was concluded with Imedi TV, the next one (503 914 GEL) was with Rustavi 2.

The others are:

  • Pulsi TV (202 290)
  • Maestro (56 092)
  • TV Pirveli (22 210)
  • Public Broadcaster ( 16 101)
  • GDS (14 784)
  • Palitra TV (7 361)
  • Ertsulovneba (4000)
  • Kavkasia (3996)
  •  Khariskhis Arkhi (3200)
  • TV 24 (3100)
  • Iberia TV (3073)
  • Obieqtivi (1 855)
  • Artarea TV 2.0 (1980)
  • Starvizia (845).

69% (341 376 GEL) of the above amount was distributed among Imedi TV, Rustavi 2 and Maestro, and 19% (91 736 GEL) – among Imedi TV and Rustavi 2.

According to the survey, the value of Imedi TV budgetary contracts has doubled in 2017, compared to 2015 and almost tripled compared to 2016. In case of Rustavi 2, the situation is just the opposite: compared to 2015, in 2017, the value of budgetary contracts on ad placement concluded with this TV company has reduced 4 times and almost 3 times, compared to 2016.

In 2017, Imedi TV won the consolidated tender launched by the government for ad placement and dissemination of information (2 mln). Within the framework of the 2-million tender, the Ministry of Education and Science and the Central Election Commission of Georgia concluded contract with Imedi TV worth of 282 618,06 GEL, which agreement is being litigated by Rustavi 2.  

The winners of the second consolidated tender, to which TV companies with television rating (AMR) of maximum 4% could participate, were 11 broadcasters, which are: Media Union Obieqtivi, Palitra TV, TV Company Pirveli, Starvizia, GDS TV, Studia Maestro, Rustavi 2’s TV channels Marao and Comedy, Kavkasia, Public Broadcaster and TV Company Iberia TV. Within the limits of the 1-million consolidated tender, contracts, each worth of 49 136 GEL, were concluded with 9 media outlets by two authorities – Ministry of Education and Science and Central Election Commission.

The report of the Media Development Fund is based on the analysis of documents, official information requested from public authorities, web-page of Georgian National Communications Commission and documentation available in the electronic database of the State Procurement Agency as well as information disseminated by media.

However, it should be noted that information on financial revenues of broadcasters as of 25th of October, placed on analytical portal of the GNCC web-page, has not been updated. According to the explanation provided on the web-page:

“In the first and second quarters of 2017, data provided by number of broadcasters structurally substantially differ from historical data and the reasons of the above changes are being studied/data is being verified, for which reason publication of information is temporarily suspended.”

In the Media Development Fund, we’ve been told that the above is neglecting of financial transparency standards set by the legislation. As a result, MDF states that the information about amounts spent in broadcasting media and the financial sustainability of media environment is not accessible for public, apart from budget advertisement revenue, which is available in the electronic database of the State Procurement Agency. 

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