WEF: With Inclusive Development Index, Georgia Rates 32 Among Developed Countries

WEF: With Inclusive Development Index, Georgia Rates 32 Among Developed Countries

The World Economic Forum has published the Inclusive Development Index (IDI) 2018. The index brings together data on 103 countries of the world, assessing institutional development, quality of life and inequality of the population. Georgia is in the group of countries with emerging economies and holds 32nd position among these countries. Within the last 5 years, Georgia’s rating improved by 6,8%. The group includes 79 countries, including Lithuania as number 1 and Hungary as number 2. Of Georgia’s neighboring countries, Azerbaijan holds the third position, Turkey – 16th position and Russia – 19th. Armenia rates 45.

Georgia’s positions in key categories are following:

Growth and development – among 79 countries, Georgia rates 36 with 3,1 points. Georgia’s position in this category has improved by 10,2% during the last five years.

GDP per capita – 34th position – 6,2% growth in last 5 years.

Labour productivity – 47th position; 4,5% growth.

Healthy life expectancy – 66,4 years; 23rd position.

Employment – 48th position; 3,1% growth in five years.

Georgia’s position has advanced according to Net Income Gini and the country now holds 43rd position, which is 5-position advance. Regardless of this, Georgia’s rating has worsened by 7 positions in Wealth Gini and the country holds 30th position in this category.

In the group of develop countries, Norway holds the leading position. Of G& economies, the best position in the rating is held by Germany, which is number 12.

As to the countries with emerging economies, 6 of top 10 countries are European: Lithuania (1); Hungary (2); Latvia (4); Poland (5); Croatia (7) and Romania (10).

The World Economic Forum (WEF) states that the countries specially benefit from being EU member states, as a result of which the quality of life in these countries improves and inequality reduces.

During the last five years, 63% of 103 countries improved their positions in the inclusive development rating.

Income inequality rating has worsened or remained unchanged in 20 countries of the group of emerging economies, and the poverty rate increased in 17 countries. In 84% of the countries with emerging economies, income inequality among the population reduced, however is still quite high.

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