World Bank: Georgia turning into a competitive tourist destination

World Bank: Georgia turning into a competitive tourist destination

“Over the recent years, Georgia has turned into a competitive tourist destination,” – writes the World Bank in its report and states that the country is capable of increasing the incomes generated from tourism through development of winter resorts, so-called mice-tourism and wellness and spa directions. 

World Bank reports that the lack of qualified labor is remaining an issue for tourism sector development, as well as inadequately developed road infrastructure, as well as undeveloped air infrastructure and non-transparency of bilateral agreements on air space. Implementation of environmental regulations is also named as a problem. The World Bank states that the country needs to work hard in these directions and in some cases even make make regulations stricter.

“Georgia is one of the lowest-budget destinations. Also, the country has cheap labor force. Development of tourism in Georgia is facilitated by liberal visa regime and gambling business, which attracts tourists from the countries of the region, where casino business is restricted,” – reports the World Bank.

The World Bank expects increasing of the number of high budget tourists in Georgia from Russia, EU and Near East.

“In Georgia, the price for hotels and accommodation sites is much lower than in other countries,” – reports the World Bank and states that the tourism sector is one of the most attractive sectors for creation of the value chain in Georgia. Moreover, gender inequality level with regard to remuneration in quite high in the tourism sector. Namely, women employed in tourism sector are paid only 58% of what men are paid in the same sector.

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