Zedazeni To Start Bottling Premium-Class German Beer Holsten

Zedazeni To Start Bottling Premium-Class German Beer Holsten

Zedazeni will offer its consumers premium-class German beer Holsten. Kakha Kotrikadze, Director General of the company states in the interview with Forbes that Georgian consumer prefers German beer and that is exactly why the company focused on another German brand.

“Since our last product Ragnar was well accepted by the Georgian market, we started thinking about something new. The combination of the name of Ragnar, a popular character of popular TV series “The Vikings” and gustatory quality of the product had very positive results, convincing us that it will be successful and will have export potential.

Now we again focus on German brand and chose Holsten. In Georgia, German beer is still preferred and based on this demand, we stopped on premium-class brand, which is well known on international market and is very popular in European countries. As usual, in this case also, we fully complied with the so-called German beer purity law (Reinheitsgebot) and beer will contain mothing but water, hops and barley. This is purely German taste, with slightly more bitter notes of hops, however not heavy,” – says Kakha Kotrikadze.

Full interview with Kakha Kotrikadze will be published in Forbes’s May issue.

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