10 Primary Risks For Doing Business in Georgia

10 Primary Risks For Doing Business in Georgia

The World Economic Forum published a global risks report for 2019. The report was based on surveys conducted in 140 countries with up to 12,000 businesses.

The report states the following items as the main risks for those doing business in Georgia:

–   Conflict of Interests – 58%

–   Failure of Government – 30%

–   Unemployment – 27.5%

–   Bad urban planning – 27.5%

–   Energy price shock – 22.5%

–   Fiscal crisis – 22.5%

–   Unmanaged inflation – 22.5%

–   Cyber-attacks – 20%

–   Profound social instability – 20%

–   Failure of regional and global governments – 17.5%

It is worth noting that in the 2018 report, the biggest risk for doing business in Georgia was unemployment. 52% of the survey respondents considered this to be the number one problem but this year 27.5% consider unemployment to be the main risk. Globally, however, unemployment is still considered to be the primary risk (31.9%).

In total, the report assesses 30 risks. The least significant risks in Georgia on the list are: the spread of infectious diseases, water crisis, data theft, and the collapse of the critical information infrastructure.

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