2021 Jaguar XF News: Everything You Need To Know

2021 Jaguar XF News: Everything You Need To Know

Iconic British automotive brand Jaguar is storming into the 2021 model year with many new additions and redesigns. Among them is the ultra-stylish and cool Jaguar XF Sedan. We’re hearing lots of good things about the new XF, including that for the 2021 model year, it will be more competitively priced and with more flexible options. The company already confirmed that the previous entry-level model, the XE, will be discontinued in the US market from 2021.

Enhancements Inside and Out:

The first thing you can expect on the 2021 Jaguar XF is the new styling both on the exterior and interior. The body will see a new front bumper and grille design, as well as a more impressive and “assertive” (Jaguar’s word) rear bumper and a body-colored rear upper valance. Lights will now be all LED as standard, and the car will come in three configurations featuring both rear and all-wheel-drive systems.

On the inside, you can expect even more decadent and sumptuous material choices than past models. Jaguar says that the new XF will be a calming and relaxing experience for drivers and passengers alike. The center console will be sportier, and seating will be wider and more cushioned than before with massage functions and improved heating/cooling for the winter/summer months. The interior air is also cleaner and more allergen-free thanks to the PM2.5 Cabin Air Ionization system.

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