Airport Passenger Flow And Cargo Turnover Increases

Airport Passenger Flow And Cargo Turnover Increases

According to the information provided by the ECPL Georgian Civil Aviation Agency of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, during 11 months of the year, number of passengers served by Georgian airports through regular and charter flights is 3 816 538, which is 44,48% more than in the same period of last year (2 641 539 passengers).

Tbilisi International Airport served 2 943 417 passengers, which is 40,89% (854 293 passengers) more than the number of passengers served within 11 months of last year.

During past months, the passenger traffic at Batumi International Airport amounted to 484 527 passengers, which was 59,11% (180 012 passengers) more than in the same period of last year.

A significant passenger increase has been shown at Kutaisi International Airport – 55,80%. Within the past 11 months, the airport served 380 918 passengers, while in the same period last year, number of passengers served was 136 180 less and made 243 918 passengers.

As to domestic airports, within the past 11 months, Mestia served 6 881 passengers – 2 899 passengers, or 72,80% more than within the 11 months of the last year (3 982 passengers served).

This year, Ambrolauri airport served passengers for the first time and over the period from mid-January to the end of November served 1 687 passengers.

Over the period of 11 months of this year, number of flights in Georgian airports increased by 5 399. The data looks as follows: total number of passenger and cargo flights – 19 496, of which number of regular flights is 16 538 and charter flights – 2 958. Compared to the number of flights within the same period of last year, increase makes 38,30%.

The indicator of overflights in Georgian air space increased by 12,93%. Within the 11-month period of 2016, number of overflight was 117 549, while in the past months of this year, 132 747 overflights were registered.

With regard to cargo flights, there is also increase in comparison between the 11-month periods of 2016 and 2017 – the volume of cargo transported by air made 29 895,652 tons, which is 547 tons more than the cargo transported within the same period of last.

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