Anaklia Development Consortium appoints SSA Marine as terminal operator

Anaklia Development Consortium appoints SSA Marine as terminal operator

Seven major companies from different countries of the world participated in the process of selection of the container terminal operator. By the decision of Anaklia Development Consortium, American company SSA Marine has become the operator of Anaklia port terminal.

Head-office of the biggest port terminal operator SSA Marine is based in Seattle. The company owns terminals in nine countries. SSA Marine operates in over 250 strategic terminals on five continents and serves 27.7 containers (TEU) annually. Apart from that, SSA Marine handles over 75 mln tons of dry cargo all over the world, conducts cruise shippings to Mexico and America and maintains over 30 first-class intermodal railway main lines. 

“We are proud to become partners with such an advanced and ambitious project. Anaklia Deep-sea Port will turn Georgia into an important logistical center, which will facilitate the increase of cargo volume in Georgia and Central Asia and the development of southern corridor”, – stated Bob Watters, SSA Marine Vice-president.

The container terminal of Anaklia Deep-sea Port will open in 2020. Anaklia Development Consortium has completed the pre-construction study and working on environmental impact assessment document. Presently, the document is being discussed publicly. At the same time, the work on the design of the port has also been completed and the Consortium will submit the draft design to the government on the 30th of June, 2017. Construction works will start in Anaklia in the second half of 2017. 

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