Apple Patent Reveals Unusual iPhone Design

Apple Patent Reveals Unusual iPhone Design

As Samsung, Motorola and Huawei battle it out for foldable phone supremacy, Apple may be heading in a different direction for its future iPhones according to a recently published patent. 

Spotted by Apple Insider, the document details an almost all-glass device. The front, sides, and back of the device are made from glass and offer a range of input additional options whilst also acting as secondary displays. 

“Glass backs and glass sides may be transparent, allowing the electronic device to include additional displays that are viewable through the sides and/or the back“, The patent explains. 

Foldable phones became the reality, but the transparent smartphone that Iron Man owns never made it to the shelves. Non-transparent circuitry, chips, and other components are the reason for that – but Apple’s patent describes a device which could be the first step on that futuristic ladder. 


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