Business Confidence Index - "Financial and Financial Sectors without Spring Sentiment"

Business Confidence Index - "Financial and Financial Sectors without Spring Sentiment"

In the first quarter of 2019 the Business Confidence Index (BCI) improved and increased to 27.0 points, which is higher by 4.4 percentage points than in previous quarter. The highest growth of Business Confidence Index was observed in the Retail and Industry sectors. According to the study, carried out by the ICC, BIA and ISET, the growth in the trade sector was associated with a positive assessment of the current activities, while the main factor for the industry sector was positive expectations. The Index of Current status, which reflects the business situation for the past three months reduced by 1.4 % in the second quarter of 2019.

Expectations in construction and financial sectors are significantly reduced.

Retail, service and agriculture sectors are expecting price increase in the next quarter, while other sectors are likely to maintain prices at the same level as previous quarter. Expectations and current situation

is enhanced for large companies and reduced for small and medium sized companies.

The most important limiting factors designated by large companies is funding constraint, for small and medium businesses – decreased demand.

More than 100 companies are participating in survey.

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