Content of Forbes Georgia Wins Media Competition

Content of Forbes Georgia Wins Media Competition

With the financial support of The European Union and within the framework of the “Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative,” 5 winners of the media contest “Journalists for Corporate Social Responsibility” were given awards.

Among them was the winner for the best blog, the author Marika Mchedlidze who was awarded for an article written for Forbes Georgia. The blog, titled “CSR and Corporate Social Responsibility,” ( was published on the Forbes website last year.

The media competition is organized by the Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia. The aim of the contest is to help the Georgian media foster accurate broadcasting of corporate social responsibility and to raise the awareness of it within society and at the same time to give an appropriate representation of this concept. The works presented in the competition were evaluated by the international committee of the competition. The winners were awarded with a prize of 2,000 Georgian Lari.

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