Countries With The Most External Debt

Countries With The Most External Debt

The country with the biggest external debt in the world in the United States of America. Last year, external debt of the world’s number one economy was 17,9 trln USD. Based on the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) report, external debt of the European Union amounts to 13 trln USD. United Kingdom is also on the list of the countries with the biggest debt with 8,1 trln USD of external debt as of 31st March, 2016.

Georgia’s total external debt was 14,6 bln USD (34,6 bln GEL), as of 31st of March, 2016. With the total amount of the external debt, Georgia holds 103rd position in the world.

As reports CIA, Turkmenistan is one of the countries with the lowest external debt, which is only 425,300,000 USD. Kirgizstan’s external debt amounts to 8,1 bln USD and the country is number 119 on the list.

106th position on the list belongs to Georgia’s neighbor Azerbaijan, with the total external debt of 13,8 bln USD. Turkey’s external debt makes 404,900,000,000 USD and it is number 30 on the list. 29th position is held by Russia with the total external debt of 434,800,000,000 USD.

Top ten countries with the most external debt are:

United States of America – $17,910,000,000,000

United Kingdom – $8,126,000,000,000

France – $5,360,000,000,000

Germany – $5,326,000,000,000

Netherlands – $4,063,000,000,000

Luxemburg – $3,781,000,000,000

Japan – $3,240,000,000,000

Ireland – $2,470,000,000,000

Italy – $2,444,000,000,000

Spain – $2,094,000,000,000

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