Districts of Tbilisi with the most construction

Districts of Tbilisi with the most construction

KPMG publishes the so-called “Crane Index”, which analyses constructions in Tbilisi, in the Q4. The survey involves only wide-scale constructions. Constructions of small complexes are not included into the survey.

In the accounting period, the leading region as of Q4 2017 with the highest number of construction sites is Vake, followed by Saburtalo, together covering 50% of all cranes. The rest is covered by Isani-Samgori, Nadzaladevi and Gldani.

Compared to the Q1, number of wide-scale constructions in Tbilisi has increased by 9,3%.

The biggest share of constructions is of residential complexes – in total, 67% of total construction is related to residential complexes and 15,5% – to multifunctional buildings. Compared to the Q1, construction of hotels has decreased by 66%.

Besides, compared to Q1, in Q4 construction of residential complexes has increased by 36,8% and construction of multifunctional buildings has decreased by 5,3%.

According to the survey, the most densely populated district in Tbilisi is Mtatsminda, where in average 8099 people reside per square kilometer. Second district by population density is Didube-Chugureti, where density of residents is 5863 people per km2 and next one to come is Nadzaladevi with 5249 people per km2.

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