The Largest Consumers Of Energy

The Largest Consumers Of Energy

The largest consumer of energy in Georgia is the transport sector, the share of which is 35,5% of total consumption. According to the information provided by the National Statistics Office of Georgia, 29,4% of energy consumed in 2016 is the share of households, 17,9% – industry, 2,6% – construction, 0,7% – agriculture, forestry and fisheries and the rest 13,9% is distributed over other sectors of private and state services.

In 2016, energy generation in Georgia increased by 6,8%, compared to previous year and amounted to 11573,6 mln kw/hr.

In the course of the year 2016, 38,6 thousand tons of crude oil was mined, which, compared to the previous year, is 4,0% less. 296,5 thousand tons of coal was mined, which is 3,1% less than in the previous year.

Last year, 6,6 mln m3 of natural gas was produced, which is 42,1% less compared to the previous year.

Power generation in 2016 amounted to 10486,5 mln kw/hr, which is 5,9% more than in the previous year. Natural gas consumption made 2125,7 mln m3, which is a 6,8% reduced value and consumption of oil products, compared to the last year, increased by 12,6%.

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