Euronews and Silknet sign an MOU to launch “Euronews Georgia”

Euronews and Silknet sign an MOU to launch “Euronews Georgia”

Euronews and Silknet, Georgia’s leading telecommunications company, are announcing the signing of an MOU in view of launching Euronews Georgia, a news channel and digital platform aimed at a Georgian-speaking audience.

After announcing last week the future launch of Euronews Serbia and in November 2018 that of Euronews Albania, Euronews, Europe’s number one international news channel, is in advanced negotiations with Silknet to launch its third franchise project:  “Euronews Georgia”.

With these franchise projects and ongoing talks in other areas of the world, Euronews is fast moving towards its strategic goal to become the first “glocal” media in the world. Euronews continues indeed to grow as a global media, offering content adapted to the expectations of local audiences.

According to the MOU, Silknet, which broadcasts with its IPTV platform the world’s most-watched sports, news, entertainment, and educational channels as well as its own channels, will benefit from the brand awareness and reputation of Euronews, associating their new media with a household name in independent journalism.

Euronews will share content with Euronews Georgia to feature alongside the Georgian media’s original content. Euronews Georgia will in particular use Euronews’ European editorial content. In return, Euronews will benefit from content made by the local franchise, in a region of particular news interest.

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