Forbes Georgia: 30 under 30 Georgian top 100

Forbes Georgia: 30 under 30 Georgian top 100

Georgian Forbes is starting the 30 under 30 project. In the August-September issue, you will find a list of 100 Georgian young people, performing in 10 different fields.

With the help of experts and judges, young people were selected from the following fields: style; sport; entrepreneurship; science and education; art and culture; technologies; finances; politics and society; music; marketing and advertisement. In each field, 10 most successful young people were selected.

Georgian Forbes will publish the 30 under 30 list twice a year. The lists will be updated with the help of judges. Besides, next year, Forbes Georgia will hold a special summit, which is an integral part of 30 under 30.

The future is in the hands of the youth – they have the ambition to create something new and to achieve this, they spare no effort. 30 under 30 exists to support this striving. The aim of the project is to create the list of people, who became successful before they turned 30. Young people on the list work in different fields, however, they have certain features in common – they are courageous, energetic, innovative and they have their own vision.

Forbes will introduce representatives of each field stage by stage.

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