Forbes Georgia in English - Issue N21

Forbes Georgia in English - Issue N21

We are happy to introduce the 21st English issue of Forbes Georgia.

Cover Story: Hi-Tech Problem Solvers | By Elene Chomakhidze

In May 2021, the global leader in digital automotive merchandising software and data – SpinCar –announced the acquisition of Pulsar AI, creator of the auto industry’s most advanced conversational AI platform, and so Pulsar AI became part of an interesting puzzle on the global market. Through this acquisition, Pulsar’s automated communication technology was integrated into the SpinCar platform and Pulsar’s thirty employees became part of SpinCar’s expanded global Product, Operations and R&D organization. Although behind this global success stands a great team; Dachi Choladze, Zaal Gachechiladze and Sopo Chkoidze were the individuals who made the leap forward in the Georgian tech industry five years ago and made everyone believe in the unbelievable. 

Georgian Billionaires

All the Best, Mr. Hudak! | By Elene Kvanchilashvili

“The First Startup Exit” What Does It Mean for Georgia? | By Colin Donohue

Georgia on the Road to Green and Resilient Growth | By Sebastian Molineus

Inflation Risk | By Rainer Michael Preiss

How Do We Stabilize Georgian Lari | By Beso Namchavadze

The Three Principles – Interview with Lasha Tabidze | By Elene Kvanchilashvili

When the Market Leader is Your Partner – Interview with Giorgi Tkhelidze | By Elene Kvanchilashvili

The Green Energy Lobbyist – Interview with Maia Melikidze | By Tamta Jijavadze

25 Years in the Legal Business – Interview with Zviad Kordzadze | By Elene Chomakhidze

2020 Rating of Insurance Companies | By Shota Tkesheleashvili

Simon Sinek Tells You How to Find the Treasure Hidden in Your Company | By Sami Cohen

“High Net Worth Individuals” Are Entitled to Obtain a Georgian Tax Residency Certificate Without Spending 183 Days in the Country | By Gela Barshovi

…and many more.

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