Forbes - Top 50 Blockchain Companies

Forbes - Top 50 Blockchain Companies

Forbes has published the first-ever “Forbes Blockchain 50”, a new survey of companies that it considers noteworthy in terms of blockchain business applications.

Below are some of the most notable names, condensed into a few major categories. Some of them are represented in Georgia as well.

The list includes the Bitfury Group, the world’s largest supplier of Bitcoin mining infrastructure and services. The company has been operating in Georgia for several years. Initially, the company built the first mega data center and soon the project began to enter the property registration project in blockchain technology.

Maersk is another company that operates in Georgia and is among the world’s largest companies that use blockchain technology. Last year, Maerks announced that it plans to use blockchain technology in naval shipping, more than 100 ports and freight forwarding companies are willing to join the platform.

Amazon is also on the list, a series of online tools that can be used to quickly deploy various blockchains. The world’s largest company offers number of services to businesses via blockchain that want to use distributed ledger technologies. This is a good way for the company to maintain the advanced place in terms of computer cloud systems.

French BNP Paribas is also on the list. The Bank worked with HSBC on digitalization of various data and documents. The Bank uses the following blockchain Platforms: Corda, Hyperledger, Fabric, Etherium.

Another bank that uses the blockchain platforms is Citigroup. The American Bank has invested in a number of start-ups developing blockchain technology. Last year, the company introduced the application Ledger Connect, which allows companies to buy blockchain tools.

Coinbase is an American company that currently has up to 20 million users and is the leading provider of crypto currency exchanger in the US.

Facebook also makes the list thanks to its upcoming stablecoin and a possible blockchain-based login system that CEO Mark Zuckerberg has hinted on.

At this stage, it is unknown which platforms are used by Zuckerberg.

One of the biggest names in the list is Google, which has recently invested in blockchain startups and released a suite of crypto analytical tools.

Google has been investing in blockchain technology for years now. Among them are Veem, a payment system that allows customers to send and receive different currencies, Bitcoin is used as a mediator.

JPMorgan Chase is also presented in the list. The name of the largest bank is linked to the creation of Quorum. This time, the company also announced the release of JPM Coin, which will be oriented on various payments.

The Forbes list also includes companies such as: Mastercard, Microsoft, NASDAQ, Nestle, Oracle, SAMSUNG, SIEMENS, Walmart, UBS.

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