Georgia advanced among Best European Countries for business

Georgia advanced among Best European Countries for business

European Chamber (EuCham) publishes the list of countries best for business every year. To reveal countries best in terms of investment attractiveness, the research uses the World Bank’s Doing Business and Transparency International’s Corruption Perception indexes.

With 87 points of 100, Denmark is the leader of the ranking. Norway and Finland are in the top three. On the list, Georgia holds the 18th position with 69 points. Like Georgia, Lithuania, Poland, and Latvia also have 69 points. In total, the list covers 46 countries, last of which is Ukraine.

Compared to the previous year, Georgia’s rating has slightly improved – by 0.42 points. The reason for that is the increased rating in the World Bank ranking – from 80.2 to 82.0 points. The ranking also takes the account of Transparency International’s Corruption Perception rating position, in which Georgia has 56 points and holds the 46th position among 180 countries.

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