Georgia ranking 102nd in the Global Peace Index

Georgia ranking 102nd in the Global Peace Index

Last year, the economic impact of violence in the world was 14,76 trillion USD, which was approximately 12.4% of global GDP, – this is the result of the 2018 report of the Institute for Economics and Peace.

The report analyses 163 countries of the world, the population of which makes up 99.7% of the global population.

According to 23 different indicators, the report provides the rating of the most peaceful countries of the world. In this rating, Georgia’s position is 102nd with 2.13 rating points, which 4 positions behind the last year’s position of the country.

Among the countries of the region, Georgia ranks 4th – after Moldova, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

However, the report also notes that Georgia is one of the countries, which in the 2008’s ranking had one of the worst results and which has significantly improved during the last decade.

In 2013, Georgia was number 133 on the list. The advancement of Georgia’s position during those years is connected to the stability of the business environment and political situation in the country.

The ranking also provides the information about the impact of violence on the economies of the countries.

The most damage was made by violence to Syria – 68% of GDP is the proportion of the economic impact of violence.

On this list, Georgia is number 34: the annual value of the economic impact of violence is 7,060.4 million, while the cost is 4,811.1 million. Based on the same data, the cost of violence for the GDP of the country is 13%.

“Since obtaining independence, Georgia has faced numerous challenges. Due to separatist and ethnic conflicts in Abkhazia and South Ossetia, the economics of the country has significantly diminished, while corruption increased dramatically. After the Rose Revolution of 2003, the new government focused on the strengthening of the country’s potential and economic growth,” – reads the report.

The most peaceful countries of the world are Iceland, New Zealand, and Austria.

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