Georgian Wine On Guinness Record List

Georgian Wine On Guinness Record List

According to the recent research, wine made on the territory of Georgia 8000 years ago was recognized as the oldest in the world. Corresponding record was made to the Guinness List, which record notes that the wine fragments found in Georgia cover the period over 6000-5800 years B.C.

In the Weizmann Institute of Science of Israel, as a result of the laboratory research headed by Elisabetta Boaretto, using the C14 dating method, the age of samples was determined as 6000-5800, which is 600-1000 years older than the trace of wine found in Zagros Mountains in Iran and considered as the oldest.

The research of Neolithic monuments (VI millennium BC) in Georgia by the expeditions of the Simon Janashia State Museum of the Academy of Sciences of Georgia started in the 1960s.

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