Georgia’s Position on the Fragile State Index Improves

Georgia’s Position on the Fragile State Index Improves

Every year, The Fund for Peace prepares a Fragile State Index that analyses political risks in order to warn politicians and societies about potential conflicts. The index measures the level of stability and existing tensions.

Out of 178 countries around the world, Georgia holds 83rd place in the 2018 rating. Georgia’s received 74 points out of 120. In 2017, Georgia’s score was 76.5, which means that risks have been reduced for Georgia.  In 2017, Georgia held 79th place. Over the last 10 years and since the 2008 war, Georgia held the worst position in 2009 when it was in 33rd place. Since 2008, Georgia’s position has been improving every year. Taking into consideration the various risks, the index divides the countries’ rankings into four categories – sustainable, stable, contains warning signs and fragile. Georgia is in the list of countries that contain warning signs. Together with Georgia, on the list are also Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Azerbaijan. Armenia has a better position than Georgia and is in 102nd place.

The index is developed using 12 criteria that are combined into 3 main groups: social, economic, and political.

In each criterion, the country’s score is given out of 10, the lower the score equates to the lower risk evaluation of the country. Georgia’s score on various categories are as follows:

Economic indicators – 6.2 points. This indicator combines the level of economic inequality in the county, human capital, and microeconomic indicators. In total, Georgia’s score improved by 0.2, however, it is worth noting that the macroeconomic indicators have worsened, amounted to 5.8 points, in comparison with last year’s 5.5.

The social indicators – 6.2 points. The criterion combines the country’s demographic indicators and the number of migrants and immigrants. The score improved by 0.2 when compared to the previous year.

Political indicators: 6.2 points. This criterion ranks the legitimacy of the state and assesses human rights and public services. Georgia’s score improved by 0.2 this year.

According to the 2018 index, Finland is the most sustainable state in the world and it is in the last place among the most fragile states. According to the index, the most fragile state in the world is Sudan.

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