Georgia’s Top Ten Largest Exporting Companies

Georgia’s Top Ten Largest Exporting Companies

In 2017, Georgia’s export amounted to 2 728.0 mln USD, which is 29,1% more than in 2016.

In 2017, number one of the top ten export products, was copper ore and copper concentrate – 419.8 mln USD which made 15,4% of total export. Export of ferroalloys amounted to 306,9 mln USD and accordingly equaled to 11,3% of total export. The third position is held by motorcar group. Export of this group made 234,9 mln USD, which was 8,6% of total export.

Georgia’s largest exporting countries are Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

According to the information provided to Forbes by the Georgian Statistics Department, Georgia’s top 10 exporting companies, excluding re-export, are:

  • Kakhuri Traditsiuli Meghvineoba, Ltd. – production of wine;
  • IDS Borjomi Georgia – production and bottling of Borjomi mineral water;
  • Chiaturmanganum Georgia, Ltd. – trading (wholesale) ferroalloys; production of ferroalloy materials and steel;
  • JSC RMG Copper – production of non-ferrous metals;
  • RMG Gold, Ltd. – production of precious metals and stones;
  • Georgian Manganese, Ltd. – mining of manganese; mining and processing of extractable resources; production of ferroalloy materials and steel;
  • Achara Textile, Ltd. – garment factories and ateliers;
  • JSC Rustavi Azot – production of nitrogen, chemical goods and raw materials;
  • Moulds and Metals Georgia, Ltd. – production of metal constructions;
  • Caucasian Metals Terminal, Ltd. – cargo shipment and storage services.

Company lists, provided by the Georgian Statistics Department are not arranged according to the ratings of the companies. Besides, Geostat doesn’t disclose information on specific volumes exported by the companies. 

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