How Much is Mobile Internet in Georgia and Around the World?

How Much is Mobile Internet in Georgia and Around the World?

the cost of mobile internet packages in Georgia dropped by 59% on average between the years of 2013 – 2017.

The regulatory commission does not agree with a statement made by two large players in the telecommunications market about changes to mobile internet tariffs. The chairman of the national commission states that the companies’ “unjustified verbal statement is not convincing to the commission.” Kakha Bekauri states that the companies did not the prerequisites to increase tariffs. In addition, it has come to light that the commission is starting research in order to determine a maximum cap for the tariffs.

What are mobile internet tariffs and how have they been changing in Georgia?

The amount of internet data used in Georgia is on the rise. For example, at the end of 2016 internet data used per consumer per month came to 1,362 MB and in 2017 the amount of internet data used per month came to 1,851 MG (an increase of 34%). Internet data usage growth mainly involves the use of 4G.

Together with the growth in the use of internet data, throughout the years 2013-2017 the cost of mobile internet packages in Georgia has dropped by 59% on average, that is, according to data by the communications commission.

In order to draw comparisons between existing broadband internet in Georgia in 2017 and the existing prices in European countries, the communications commission used a report by Van DIJK Consultants commissioned by the European Commission. The report’s methodology gives priority to pre-paid tariff plans on which packages in 31 countries across Europe, as well as America and Korea are based. The research results are included in the commission’s annual report.  

Tariffs are reviewed based on bills and activation costs, promotional sales and other additional costs are not considered. The 500 MB- 1000 MB internet packages are reviewed.  The study examines the standard packages that are presented in Euro, taking into account the purchasing power parity in national currency (Euro PPP).

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