How sustainable is Georgia’s energy system – WEF research

How sustainable is Georgia’s energy system – WEF research

The World Economic Forum has published the first effective energy performance report. The index benchmarks 114 countries on the current level of their energy system performance, and the readiness of their macro environment for transition to a secure, sustainable, affordable and inclusive future energy system. WEF notes that energy system in the world is facing multiple challenges, coping with which is not possible for an individual state or private sector. The main challenge is the increase of effective energy performance. That is why the World Economic Forum calls the countries for refining their energy policies.   

According to the research, over the past 5 years, 80% of the countries have developed their energy systems, however, there still are challenges for the sector. In almost all the countries of the world the access to electricity has improved, however, more than billion people still have no access to electricity.

WEF states that in the recent years, technological development and increase of renewable energy generation has significantly changed the attitudes towards the energy sector. Only in 2016, over 9,8 mln people around the world were employed in the renewable energy sector.

With regard to effectiveness of energy system performance, Georgia is number 48 in the world. This criterion consists of three components, one of which is economic growth and development and by which Georgia is ranked 42 among the 114 countries. This criterion covers prices for electricity worldwide as well as its competitiveness. Besides, export and import prices for electricity are also assessed.

Georgia ranks 52 in Environmental sustainability criterion, which covers air pollution, CO2 intensity in the air, etc.

Energy access and security – this criterion measures the number of people having access to electricity, to what extent are diversified energy import sources and what is the quality of electricity supply. In this criterion, Georgia holds 69th position.

Georgia’s one of the worst positions (109th) is in the Human Capital component. This criterion estimates the number of people employed in the country in low-carbon industries –here, Georgia is ranked 105 in the world.

As to the volume of electricity generated from renewable energy sources, with this regard Georgia is number 16 among 114 countries of the world.

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