Hualing FIZ offers preferential conditions to companies

Hualing FIZ offers preferential conditions to companies

Soso Nibladze, the CEO of the Hualing Free Industrial Zone, talks about the new prospects for partnership with the agency “Enterprise Georgia” and support for Georgian production.

“Both the strategy announced by the government and the plans of the private sector are already firmly established and appropriate steps are being taken to make the development of Georgian production in the post-crisis period unprecedented both in terms of local market and export.”

In order to make a potential contribution to this process, the Hualing Free Industrial Zone, which covers 36 acres of the former car factory in Kutaisi, has expressed its readiness to provide our existing infrastructure – industrial or warehousing facilities, many of which are represented in FIZ with its communications, to offer them to Entrepreneurs or to the entire processing sector with unprecedented concessions.

Here we are talking about a practically non-commercial offer, which includes benefits in terms of renting ready-made spaces, moratoriums, assistance in the operational component of starting a business, finding a worker, and more. The purpose of this offer, on the one hand, is to alleviate the initial financial burden for companies of this profile, and on the other hand, to save time, so that the production process can start in the shortest time possible.

Our goal is to adapt to specific projects as much as possible. The interest according to the specifics of starting a business will be in different directions within the framework of our offer, therefore we will try to be thoroughly flexible, ”says the CEO of Hualing FIZ.


According to the company, it is very welcome that the government has taken quick and effective steps in this direction and presented a package of specific proposals in the framework of the Agency “Enterprise Georgia” in the form of significantly increased and expanded funding mechanisms, which, in turn, is an additional important motivating factor for the development of local or foreign entrepreneurship in Georgia, including in FIZs.

“We, together with the representatives of other FIZs, held a working meeting with Mikheil Khidureli, the CEO of the agency “Enterprise Georgia” and his team, and decided to take specific steps to attract investment in FIZs. Among them are the development of a joint communication plan and the implementation of joint activities.

The support mechanisms of the agency, along with our offer, are already an outstanding product for interested entrepreneurs, as they will be able to significantly reduce preliminary capital investments, while through the programs, offered by the Agency, including credit-guarantee and loan security components, they will enjoy additional benefits” – states the company.

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