Import Of Electric Cars Increased 24 Times

Import Of Electric Cars Increased 24 Times

In 2017, 824 electric cars were imported in Georgia, while in 2016 – only 34. Import of hybrid cars also increased. Namely, last year 16 514 hybrid cars were imported, while in 2016, this number was only 5390. According to the information, provided to Forbs by National Statistics Office, Georgians prefer Japanese electric cars. Last year, 615 electric cars were imported from Japan.

Total import of electric cars last year exceeded 9 mln USD, while the total value of Japanese cars imported was 6,5 mln USD.

158 electric cars were imported to Georgia from USA, 12 – from China, 11-11 from Italy and Germany. 8 electric cars were imported from Turkey and rest from different countries.

Hybrid cars are imported to Georgia mainly from USA – annual import of such cars from USA counted 14 761. Value of hybrid cars imported in 2017 exceeded 89 mln USD.

In total, last year, motor cars worth of more than 475 mln USD were imported in Georgia.  Number of cars imported was 61 486. It should be noted that last year, import of cars in Georgia diminished. For comparison – in 2016, total of 88 013 cars were imported.

Cars were mainly imported in Georgia from the following countries:

USA – 32 655 

Japan – 17 286 

Germany – 4 680 

Turkey – 1 345

Greece – 803 

For more than one year now, new taxation system has been applied to car import. Namely, excise for right-wheel cars has tripled, import tax for cars older than 5 years increased, but it decreased for hybrid cars.

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