Import Of Oil Products Reduces

Import Of Oil Products Reduces

In October, import of oil products (petrol and diesel fuel) in Georgia made 97,1 thousand tons, which is 12,4 thousand tons less compared to the month of September and 18,5 thousand tons less than in October last year.

According to the data provided by the Union of Oil Product Importers, in October, 50,7 thousand tons of petrol fuel was imported, which, compared to the similar period of last year is 6 000 tons less.

Volume of diesel fuel imported was 46,4 thousand tons, which is also 12,5 thousand tons less.

By countries, the biggest volume of petrol and diesel fuel was imported from Romania – 28,8 thousand tons, which makes 29,7% of total import.

The next countries to come are:

Russia – 24,3 thousand tons (25%)

Azerbaijan – 24,0 thousand tons (24,7%)

Turkmenistan – 8,5 thousand tons (8,8%)

Bulgaria – 8,3 thousand tons (8,6%)

Greece – 3,1 thousand tons (3,2%)

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