The Rating Of Cell Phone Operators Operating In Georgia

The Rating Of Cell Phone Operators Operating In Georgia

Over the period of the first nine months of the year total incomes generated by cell phone operators operating in Georgia made 333,7 mln GEL (without VAT and excise). In September, cell phone operators generated 39,543,777.12 GEL of income, which amount is 2,4 mln GEL less than in August.

Based on the data provided by the Georgian National Communications Commission, the incomes generated by cell phone operators within the first 9 months of the year have increased by 23,5 mln GEL compared to the same period of last year.

Incomes by cell phone companies are as follows:

•             Magticom – 154,1 mln GEL

•             Geocel – 123,2 mln GEL

•             Mobitel (Beeline) – 55,2 mln GEL

•             Silknet – 809 939 GEL

•             Gmobile – 108 439 GEL

In September, the biggest income – 18,392,982 GEL – was generated by Magticom. The next comes Geocel with the income of 14,542,492 GEL and Beeline with 6,513,014 GEL.

The biggest increase of income in the 9-month period was registered with Magticom. The increase made approximately 10,5 mln GEL. Average annual income increase made 8 mln GEL for Geocel.

There are 5,112,140 cell phone subscribers in Georgia. The number of subscribers by companies is as follows:

•           Magticom: 2,006,390

•           Geocel: 1,792,935

•           Beeline: 1,293,131

•           Silknet: 18,265

•           Gmobile: 1,419

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