Inflation Rates In Georgia And Its Trade Partner Countries

Inflation Rates In Georgia And Its Trade Partner Countries

In September 2017, the level of inflation in Georgia, compared to the previous month, made 0,7% and the annual inflation rate was 6,2%.

Within the same period, among the trade partners of Georgia, highest inflation rate – 12,5% – was registered in Azerbaijan. According to the data provided by the National Bank of Georgia, inflation rate was 11,2% in Turkey and 16,2% in Ukraine.

Annual inflation rate in Armenia made 1,0% in September. In Eurozone, inflation rate was 1,5%. Level of inflation was 3,0% in Russia and 1,9% in USA.

In August this year, the growth speed of actual gross domestic product in Georgia, according to the preliminary data, was 4,4%, while average actual DGP growth over the period of 8 months of the current year was 4,7%.

Effective actual annual GDP growth of the trade partner countries in the second quarter of the year was following: 

Armenia – 5,5%

Turkey – 5,1%

Eurozone – 2,3%

Russia – 2,5%

USA – 2,2%

Ukraine – 2,3%

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