Information about 200 000 records on real property has already been sent to blockchain

Information about 200 000 records on real property has already been sent to blockchain

As from 20th of February 2017, information about records on any real property is automatically sent to blockchain. By now, information about over 200 000 records has already been sent blockchain. It is impossible to delete, change, copy or illegally manipulate the data in the blockchain system.

This novelty involved hashing of records from the part of the Public Registrar. Hash represents sequence row of symbols, which is unique for every document. Authenticity of records on blockchain and Public Registrar web pages is verified by hash identity. Accordingly, with the help of blockchain, Public Registrar makes information on real property better protected, accessible worldwide and transparent.

Authenticity of the records in blockchain network can be checked by any citizen on special web pages:,,

Old records (older than 20th of February 2017) can be reflected in blockchain only in case if they are renewed. Information on renewed records will be automatically reflected in the blockchain global network. Records can be renewed on Internet, territorial units of Public Registrar, Houses of Justice or Public Centers.

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