Investigative Service in Forbes Kazakhstan

Investigative Service in Forbes Kazakhstan

Investigative Service entered Kazakhstan’s Forbes Almaty editorial office. The wrote on official web page that police arrived at their Almaty premises in the morning on April 2. The editor demanded documents allowing initiation of investigative actions. The documents were later presented to Forbes’s lawyer, however, no photographing was allowed.

Besides, police officers took cell phones of the staff of the office.

Forbes chief editor Askar Aukenov wrote on his Facebook account that unknown people arrived at the office unexpectedly.

“Police officers demanded all the staff, apart from my deputy, to leave their offices. We asked them to show official documents of the investigation, which were presented by only two officers. The reason for these investigative action is unclear.

After certain period of time, police officers took my deputy out of his room and said they were now going to visit his apartment to continue the investigative actions,” – writes the chief editor of and states that police officers took of my deputy’s belongings, including his personal computer.

“This was unexpected for us. We hope that everything will be all right at the end. Everybody has the right to express his or her personal opinion and we permanently work on that”, – states the editor of Kazakh Forbes.

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