Largest factory in Europe manufacturing solar panels in Kutaisi

Largest factory in Europe manufacturing solar panels in Kutaisi

The German brand AE Solar is operating successfully in Georgia for the third year.

In May 2019, the company officially opened the largest factory under one roof in Europe manufacturing solar panels in Kutaisi. Its annual capacity is 500 MW/year. Currently, the company’s total capacity exceeds 1 GW/year.

Georgia is a favorable strategic location for AE Solar. From a factory in Hualing Free Industrial Zone this German company targets to supply high-quality solar panels to more than 70 countries. Currently, 150 local highly qualified professionals are employed. In the future, AE Solar promises to add more jobs by expanding to the local market either. Several installations have already been completed across the country, and one of the larger 50 MW projects pipelines is being implemented by the company in collaboration with Georgian private sector. AE Solar’s goal is to constantly expand its range of operations.

AE Solar’s global sales and marketing network delivers end-to-end renewable energy to consumers and highlights the company’s core brand characteristics: stability, durability, and reliability. In partnership with leading local companies, AE Solar is also working to develop the Georgian energy market.

“AE Solar is working to increase manufacturing capacities; the International sales office based in Tbilisi offers full support to our customers worldwide.

We provide intensive training for employees as well as anyone interested in solar systems installation. Customers are provided with complete technical instruction and assistance as needed. All installations in Georgia by AE Solar are performed by local staff. “- says the founder and CEO of the company Alexander Maier. 

The company plans employment, training, and qualification of more than 300 locals by the end of the year by European professionals. Negotiations are underway to develop a vocational training program around the use of solar energy and the solar panels production line. Until now, the company was focused on exporting solar panels. It is now planned to actively exploit the Georgian market and take concrete steps in this regard. AE Solar’s goal is to locally encourage solar energy and use the resources at its disposal. As for investment, it is a direct investment from the private sector.


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