Microsoft plans to be carbon negative by 2030

Microsoft plans to be carbon negative by 2030

Microsoft is the first big tech company that has pledged to not only become carbon neutral, but also invest in direct air capture technologies that help suck carbon out of the atmosphere.

Now, Microsoft has announced it wants to become “carbon negative” by 2030, which is essentially a promise to fund emerging methods that suck carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

To that end, the company has committed to a plan to suck carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere by pouring $1 billion into making the current emerging technologies cheaper and more scalable. This also opens up the possibility for others to use these as a service in the future in order to reduce their own carbon footprint.

Other tech giants are also planning to reduce their carbon footprint, with Google employees demanding a climate action plan to become neutral by 2030. Meanwhile Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is an outspoken CEO that’s calling for a less ambitious deadline of 2040 that all companies can adhere to.

Source: Techspot

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