Musk Says Next Tesla Gigafactory Will Be in Germany

Musk Says Next Tesla Gigafactory Will Be in Germany

Tesla is still putting the finishing touches on its first Chinese auto plant, but that isn’t stopping billionaire CEO Elon Musk from unveiling plans for a European Gigafactory to be built in Germany, at some point, along with design and engineering operations near Berlin.

Musk made the announcement while in Berlin attending Auto Bild magazine’s Golden Wheel Award ceremony Tuesday without providing details, including how much the factory will cost and the timing of its construction. 

“Everyone knows that German engineering is outstanding, for sure. That’s part of the reason why we are locating our Gigafactory in Germany.  It will be in the Berlin area, near the new airport “, Musk said. 

Having a local production site in Germany, it will aid Tesla’s European sales. Currently, all Tesla vehicles are built at its California plant.

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