Inter Rao will continue the dispute with the government of Georgia in the court

Mariam Valiashvili, Deputy Minister of Energy, stated with Reuters that they have already received a notice of appointment from Arbitral Court and the Georgian party is ready for litigation. 

The Inter Rao Group has brought two suits against Georgia. They state that the argued amount might exceed 125 mln GEL.

Inter Rao structures – Silk Road holdings B.V., based in Netherlands and Gardabani Holdings B.V. – hold 75% of Telasi and 100% of Khrami 1 and Khrami 2 and demand from the Georgian side compensation of the loss incurred as a result of lari depreciation. Inter Rao representatives consider that the decision, made by the Regulatory Commission on tariff corrections was wrong, which lead to the loss of millions of dollars by the company.

"Our position is strong and we are going to defend it in the court”, - claims Mariam Valiashvili.

Boris Kovalchuk, the head of Inter Rao, states that either the company will recover the tariffs, agreed with the government of Georgia, or the dispute will be completed in the court.

“We will use every possible legal means to get back the money that belongs to us”.

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