The cargo turnover in Georgian transit corridor is increasing

In the first half of 2019, cargo turnover through Georgian transit Corridor was increased by 0.2 million tons compared to the same period of last year and reached 18.2 million tons.

According to statistics of the Ministry of Economy, the cargo turnover at Georgian railway and ports is also increased by 0.2 million tons.

Ports shipped 284 147 TEU of container cargo during the reporting period. Last year it was 215 057 TEU.

In the same period, Poti Port processed 4 million tons of cargo (increase - 0.9 million tons), Supsa Maritime Terminal - 1.8 million tons (decrease - 0.4 million tons) and Batumi Sea Port - 1.6 million tons (decrease 0.3 million tons). The volume of cargo processed by Kulevi Maritime Terminal remained the same - 0.7 million tons.

As for recycled containers - Poti Port served 240 257 TEU containers in 6 months (increase by 68 730 TEU) and Batumi port - 43 890 TEU containers.

The cargo turnover at Georgian railway and ports has been decreasing in the last five years by 5.3 million tons.

The cargo turnover by years:

2014 - 46.4 million tons

2015 - 44.2 million tons

2016 - 42.3 million tons

2017 - 41.5 million tons

2018 - 41.1 million tons

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