Jeff Bezos Los Angeles Mansion for a Record $165 Million

Amazon Chief Executive Jeff Bezos paid $165 million for David Geffen’s palatial Beverly Hills home, sources said. That beats the previous record for priciest residential purchase of $150 million in LA set last year for a Bel Air estate known as Chartwell.

The new record, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, gives Bezos the keys to a nine-acre property known as the Warner Estate after its original owner, Jack Warner, the former head of Warner Bros.

Hollywood producer Geffen paid $47.5 million for it in 1990.

The Warner Estate boasts a 13,000-square foot main residence and a guest house that once housed Hollywood superstars like Marilyn Monroe. It also comes with a pool, tennis court and “entertainment room” complete with concealed drop-down theater screen and projection system — perfect for screening Amazon Prime original films.

Bezos is worth an estimated $131 billion, according to Forbes.

Source: nypost

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Trump is seeking to boost NASA’s funding

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